Multi-user immersive experience with VR at the LXX Congress of the Spanish Society of Neurology

Client: A company from the pharmaceutical industry

The client company, from the pharmaceutical sector, wanted an innovative action to disseminate and train nearly 3,000 health professionals in the specialties of neurology and neurological nursing who were going to meet the SEN Congress (20-24 November 2018). Specifically, it wanted to focus on two of the pathologies in which it specialises: Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Virtualware designed, developed, implemented and supported an immersive multi-user experience based on virtual reality technology. Using the proprietary VIROO solution and with HTC Vive Pro equipment and technology, an immersion experience in the central nervous system was developed, with 4 users enjoying it simultaneously, carrying out fun missions while acquiring knowledge about pathologies of interest to the CLIENT…

Virtualware gave support to the client company during all the days of the event.

During the congress, a satisfaction survey was carried out to over 300 neurologists who participated in this experience during the 4 days that the event lasted. The results were very satisfactory:

98% of users rated the experience as excellent

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