Bringing premium vr hygiene to VIROO with Cleanbox technology

Virtualware, a unique company mastering Virtual Reality since 2004, partners with Cleanbox Technology, Inc. a premium, and eco-friendly, smart tech hygiene solution for the decontamination of VR headsets, to bring state-of-the-art hygiene to VIROO®.

VIROO® is an all-in-one tool that places the full potential of Virtual Reality in your hands giving companies and institutions the power to pursue the extraordinary by boosting Innovation. With VIROO® everybody can create, manage, and deploy any VR Project without limits.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have an increased awareness of the importance of hygiene and safety. This partnership helps assure the safety and health of the many organizations that are incorporating Virtual Reality and VIROO® on their day-to-day basis.

“This partnership is a complete solution match.  We recognized the importance of hygiene in today’s world, and with Cleanbox the problem is solved, ensuring VIROO is a safe VR tool”

Unai Extremo, CEO & Founder Virtualware

“Our goal is to help offer our partners the ability to ensure their customers not only have an innovative experience but a safe one as well”

Amy Hedrick, CEO & Co-founder of Cleanbox Technology

Virtualware truly believes in the potential of Virtual Reality to change the world. Along with Virtual4, they will continue pushing the boundaries to accelerate the adoption of this technology by placing VIROOTM as the standard in Colombia and across industries.

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