VIROO® Latest Release

VIROO® 2.4 is now the latest release with new stable features and enhancements
that you can use to start and scale VR in your organisation.

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The power of Virtual Reality
and Mixed Reality combined

Mixed Reality capabilities


VIROO®  boasts the capacity to blend VR and MR technologies within its sessions, offering true cross-platform interoperability.

Version 2.4 of VIROO® includes a groundbreaking Mixed Reality feature that boasts the capacity to blend VR and AR/MR technologies within its sessions. It creates a seamless experience with multiple users connected from various locations and using different devices, offering true cross-platform interoperability.

This remarkable feature is already operational with HTC’s Vive XR Elite and will extend to every pass-through capable headset including PICO XR headsets, and Meta Quest 3, enabling users to take full advantage of this innovative technology.

VR CAVEs integration


VIROO® is now compatible with multi-projection systems, such as CAVEs or similar.

The new VIROO® integration allows to deploy immersive multiuser content in Cave Automatic Virtual Environments. It manages hardware, sessions, and content, incorporating specific DTrack and MultiDisplay.

VIROO® Room offline configuration


The new feature allows to deploy immersive multiuser content in VIROO® Room without the need of internet connection.

VIROO® Room transforms physical spaces into lifelike VR scenarios and allows to explore content in full-scale with multiple users interacting at the same time.

Now you can deploy immersive multiuser content in VIROO® Room without the need of internet connection.

VIROO® Studio for Unity


VIROOʼs low-code VR Creation tool for Unity becomes VIROO Studio.

VIROO® Studio is a set of tools integrated within the Unity Engine that allows users, with or without programming skills, to develop multiuser VR environments which are compatible with immersive devices. 

It now allows the download of third-party assemblies and incorporates an advanced validation control system to support the user during the content creation process and much more.

VIROO® Content updates


New scenes have been created and updated for any VIROO® 2.4 user to make use of them.

The latest VIROO® update introduces a host of new content to explore and enjoy. Whether you’re a seasoned user or a newcomer to the VIROO® platform, these fresh additions are sure to elevate your virtual experiences to new heights.

Latest headsets compatibility


VIROO® integrates the full compatibility with the latest enterprise VR headsets.

VIROO® has been optimized to work with the newest HTC Vive Focus 3, HTC Vive XR Elite or PICO 4 Enterprise, among others.

Identity management


VIROO® incorporates identity management to enhance security throughout the platform.

From now on VIROO® enhances applications and secure services effortlessly by incorporating authentication, allowing users to manage their data, change their password or review their connection history, among other things.

Data visualization and UI/UX improvements

More content information and better usability.

Improvements in the content management system allow displaying enriched information about the content (version, date, size…).

Additionally, more UI/UX changes have been incorporated derived from the new identity management capabilities, as well as improvements in the use of HandTracking, which offers the option to easily disable the vision of the controls.


VIROO® 2.4 Resources

Whether you want to get started in VR or take it to the next level, discover resources to help you embrace virtual reality and mixed reality at scale.

Release notes

We prepared a series of upgrade guides to help you transition to VIROO® 2.4

Guides and Manuals

View the user manual and learn what’s changed in VIROO® platform.

Plans and Pricing

VIROO®’s subscription plans encourage experimentation and reduce upfront costs.

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