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Elevate your business by offering easy scalable
and unique VR solutions to your customers with VIROO® 

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Only for Unity-based VR Content Creators.

With VIROO® built-in VR tools for Unity any company can create cross-platform, multi-user, and remote collaboration-ready VR applications and more. 

Become part of the VIROO® Creators community.

Shape the future of enterprise VR solutions with us. VIROO® is already revolutionizing industries by blurring the lines between physical and digital, empowering organizations and teams to accelerate their digital transformation.


What is included in our Year Plans?

Become VIROO® Creators and start simplifying your workflows, unlock new revenue streams, and shape the future of enterprise VR solutions.

BASIC Creator Plan


  • 5 Floating licenses + VIROO App Scene Loader
  • Access to VIROO Portal
  • Up to 1TB content storage
  • BASIC Virtual DESK
  • 1 VIROO Academy Access
  • VIROO Content Generation Support

PRO Creator Plan


  • 5 Floating licenses + VIROO App Scene Loader
  • Access to VIROO Portal
  • Up to 10 TB Storage
  • STANDARD Virtual Desk
  • 10 VIROO Academy Access
  • VIROO Content Generation Support

Frequently asked questions.


Apply to become a new VIROO® Creator.

What is VIROO®?

VIROO® is a boundless, all-in-one solution that makes VR adoption simple, nimble, and scalable.


Agnostic and modular by design, VIROO® allows businesses to run every aspect of creating, deploying and scaling VR in one unified platform, providing the building blocks to accelerate VR adoption company-wide.


VIROO® welcomes a growing collaboration ecosystem in which companies' and creators' VR journeys coevolve under the same interoperability standard while staying up to date on current and future VR devices, tools, and systems integrations as they become  available in today's fast-moving immersive space.


Uncover VIROO® Enterprise VR Platform

Who can be VIROO Creator?

We encourage and support Creators from all over the globe.  All private companies or studios with experience developing VR applications of any complexity for any market and territory.

Please note that familiarity developing in Unity® is required.

Creators are not required to be exclusive Unity developers. However, Unity should be part of their 3D engine tech stack and have prior experience creating Unity-based VR applications.

What benefits I get?

Elevate your business, unlock new revenue streams and simplify your workflow:


  1. Differentiate your offering from day one by delivering scalable solutions to your customers—any device, any configuration, anywhere.
  2. Leverage VIROO® on your business model to unlock recurring revenue streams from VIROO® subscription plans acquired by your clients.
  3. Develop agile POCs without the cost of creating whole applications or reworking projects.
  4. VIROO® ensures all your projects are multi-user, multi-device, and remote compatible.
  5. Get preferential access to VIROO® users' VR content development requests.
  6. Commercialize your VR applications or IPs to VIROO® users.
  7. Access expert support and count with Virtualware as your technology partner to develop custom advanced VR applications and software/hardware integrations.
  8. Get early access to VIROO® Creator tools and platform updates.

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