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Discover how companies, institutions and governments are already using VR technology to solve the problems that concern us today. Are you still undecided to take a step forward and get to the next level?


“VR-based systems are transforming neurorehabilitation research, engaging stroke survivors to comply with their treatment.”

PEII CHEN | PhD, Senior Research Scientist


“Large-scale collaborative VR simulators allow us to be more competitive in training and coaching our people, and our customers’ workers.”

vr is now biogen

“VR opens a new world of opportunities for learning, matching science with emotions, and enabling a memorable customer experience at congresses.”


Virtual Reality is Now

Today we know that Virtual Reality technology can enable companies like yours to bring out the best in your workers, allows you to design your products better and faster, engage audiences like never before and more.

Engagement Marketing

The first multi-user VR experience in the pharmaceutical industry

safety training

Electrical substation maintenance safety VR training.

Disease treatment

VR Platform for social phobia treatment

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