Kessler Foundation is a major nonprofit organization in the field of disability. Based in the USA, it is a global leader in rehabilitation research that seeks to improve cognition, mobility, and long-term outcomes — including employment — for people with neurological disabilities caused by diseases and injuries of the brain and spinal cord. It also funds innovative programs that expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

KF was searching for virtual reality technology to improve rehabilitation outcomes for spatial neglect, a hidden disability among stroke survivors that disrupts basic self-care activities and impairs postural balance, reading ability, and navigation.

Virtualware and Kessler Foundation have been working together since 2018 on a project called Kessler Foundation Spatial Retraining Therapy (KF-SRT) with the aim of creating a novel treatment system using VR technology for individuals who have spatial neglect after stroke.  As a result of this collaboration, both organizations have been bringing the benefits of VR technologies into reality.

The innovative KF-SRT enhances therapy participation through a safe, interactive, and game-like VR environment, engaging and motivating stroke survivors to comply with their treatment. and maximizing improvement of functions

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