Virtualware celebrates 15 years of growth and success

15th anniversary of Virtualware with new strategic plan and new corporate image

On the 18th of December 2003, 3 computer engineers created one of the pioneering companies in the field of virtual reality. Today, after 15 years, we have developed almost 500 tailor-made projects, implemented in 27 countries for different business areas and sectors of activity. We have grown steadily in turnover and personnel (up to 60 people), we have created a multi-touch hardware engineering unit, several spin offs, an R+D+i centre and we have implanted ourselves in several countries (current ones: Mexico, United Kingdom, Canada and Chile), developing solutions that have grown in complexity and added value.
And all this has made us a unique company in the field of immersive and interactive technologies, with a score of awards and distinctions for the projects developed, and more than 300 customers, among which are: Petronas, Alstom, Jaguar Landrover, Faurecia, Iberdrola, Repsol, Tecnatom, Guardian, Vidrala, Irizar, Suez Environment, Adif, Cuervo, Colgate, Bayer, Biogen, Merck, Kings College, Fundacion Kessler …

2018 has been a year of strategic reflection, a process of analysis and collective projection for the next 3 years and to take stock of the current 2016-19 plan.

We finalized this last strategic plan having surpassed the growth expectations we had set ourselves, with a 2018 closing forecast of € 6 million of consolidated business.

The new strategic plan 2019-21 (the 4th) takes into consideration the great moment that the immersive and interactive technologies in which we are specialised are experiencing and sets the objective of tripling.  Focusing on 3 main areas: Health, Leisure/Entertainment and Industry (within this the automotive, transport and energy sectors stand out), we maintain our commitment to the development of talent, and to foreign markets (those countries with investment and commitment to technology and for whom the quality of developments is fundamental). We also reinforce corporate branding and brand image so that we are recognised and associated with a unique offer in our field of specialisation, with great experience, great track record in the market and solutions of great complexity and added value.  In this sense, and coinciding with the 15th anniversary, we have proceeded to renew the corporate image of the company in order to give it greater visual strength and a more appropriate design.

We also propose an important growth around the NMERSO motion tracking technology, with which it is possible to create virtual reality spaces to design and visualize products and projects on a real scale or carry out group training in processes. It is the most advanced and affordable in the market of inmersive rooms.

We are really excited to celebrate 15 years in a field as dynamic and changing as it is the technological.  It has not been an easy path, but we are very happy with the team we have formed, and with the great challenges we have been fulfilling. Thanks to our team in Spain, Mexico, United Kingdom, Canada and Chile for the commitment and passion with which they carry out their work every day, and to our growing family of customers and partners for the trust placed in us. Both of you have made it possible that today, after 15 years, we have become one of the companies of reference in immersive and interactive technologies.  We must strengthen who we are and the ability of the team to achieve great challenges.

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