Virtualware shares its experiences across industry 4.0 at EBI

Virtualware shares its experiences across industry 4.0 at EBI

EBI 4.0 is an annual event focused on the 4th Industrial Revolution, challenges and opportunities in Bajío-Occidente, one of the main important regions in Mexico, that will take place at the Arts Centre in San Luis Potosí.

The fourth edition, EBI 4.0 gathers the most relevant actors from the business, industrial, academic and entrepreneurial community of the Region.  Under the slogan Multipolar Globalization, this edition will be focused on how to achieve industrial and technological evolution, where emerging technologies are playing an important role.

It is an opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities about the usage of digital technology in industry 4.0.  On 25th, September, Sergio Ramirez Virtualware Vice president, and David Moreno, Head of Marketing and Business Development, will have the chance to present VR/AR/XR solutions and cutting-edge experiences the company have developed across industry 4.0.

“We are really excited to participate at EBI, to have the chance to share our knowledge and expertise on helping industrial companies increase efficiency and boost their business through immersive technologies. It is an excellent opportunity to discuss key issues with peers in the industry”

David Moreno, new co-chair at the Enterprise Committee.

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