VIROO has made it as a finalist for the VR Awards 2020

GEH with VIROo is finalist at VR Awards 2020

AIXR has announced the 2020 nominees for their 4th annual international VR Awards, an event that celebrates the remarkable achievements in the VR industry.

General Electric Nuclear Energy, world leading provider of nuclear services, has resulted finalist in Best VR Education and Training of the Year category.  Through VIROO, VR Enterprise Solution of the Year 2019 WinnerGEH is able to replicate complex processes and highly skilled activities that require top level expertise and training, as well as outstanding coordination between the different parties involved. That means multiple users collaborating in 1:1 scale VR nuclear environment.  

The VR simulator deployed in VIROO, replicates a fuel movement process with tactile and haptic feedback. A physical replica of the refuelling mast is connected directly to the virtual environment, so users are able to carry out fuel movement operations as if they were doing so in reality. This is the first of a new generation of simulators that in alliance with Virtualware, GEH will release for operation during the coming years.

VR Education and Training of the Year category awards companies or individuals who have demonstrated practical and innovative uses of VR in education and training, providing a positive use.

The International VR Awards Ceremony is taking place on 12th November 2020, and this 4th edition is taking place in Virtual Reality.  300+ international delegates from the most influential backgrounds of the VR industry will be in attendance celebrating the latest in VR innovation.

“Education & training is due an overhaul and projects like VIROO are proving Virtual Reality is the tool wrench to do”

Unai Extremo, CEO Virtualware

Choosing a winner for each category will be the responsibility of over 70 expert judges who will deliberate over each finalist looking that one thing that makes them stand out from the others.

“This is the first step towards a new world, the world of immersive technology, in which GE Hitachi will play a leading role by pioneering its application to the nuclear sector”

Ricardo Moreno, GE Hitachi VP for Europe

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