Closing the 5th Edition of Googaz: Bridging the SDGs to the Youth of Bizkaia with VIROO

Closing the 5th Edition of Googaz: Bridging the SDGs to Youth people with VIROO

BILBAO, December 22– The 5th edition of Googaz concluded with the awards for the best virtual reality (VR) project developed with VIROO highlighting health and well-being.  The initiative, promoted by the BBK Kuna, the Diputación Foral de Bizkaia, Virtualware, and Stay Bigel, has helped to bring Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) closer to young people.

Designed by and for young people, Googaz has unfolded in three distinct phases: Play, Design, and Create.

In the first phase, 566 young people aged 16-30 took part in an immersive experience using virtual reality headsets. They engaged five different realities: health and well-being, reducing inequalities, gender equality, sustainable cities and communities, and poverty eradication. This phase took place in 6 municipalities with the participation of 9 education centers.

In the last phase, 3 vocational education and training centers in Bizkaia (Spain) worked in teams to bring a virtual reality game to life. The game was based on the winning script of the hackathon celebrated in the second phase and used the the VR enteprise platform, VIROO.

The event highlighted the exceptional quality of the proposals submitted. The importance of actively involving young people in raising awareness of the SDGs was underlined by the creativity, innovation, and genuine commitment shown by the participants.

As a promising conclusion, it was announced the winning project that was created by the team of CIFP Tartanga. It will travel around the region during the next edition of Googaz.

This continuance of the cycle reaffirms the initiative’s ongoing commitment to using technology as a tool to raise awareness and inspire positive change among youth.

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