Virtualware and HTC VIVE exhibiting at Laval Virtual to promote VR training rooms

Virtualware and HTC VIVE exhibiting at Laval Virtual to promote VR training rooms

Laval, April 9, 2024. – European virtual reality company Virtualware (EPA:MLVIR) collaborates with HTC VIVE co-exhibiting at Laval Virtual to promote VR training in large-scale immersive rooms powered by VIROO.

The premier provider of XR headsets in the business industry, will be exhibiting at the leading event dedicated to immersive technologies since 1999, Laval Virtual, which takes place from 10-12 April.  Partnering with  Virtualware they will showcase how VIVE Focus 3 in LBE offers a truly free-roaming experience on the enterprise VR platform VIROO.

Virtualware will exhibit the VIROO enterprise VR platform, and in particular how the product allows physical spaces to be transformed into VR environments that can be used to master complex, high-risk industrial practices and collaborate with peers across the world, safely and across endless unique scenarios.

VIVE Focus 3 is a crucial element, delivering an unparalleled free-roaming VR experience, in a powerful and flexible package.

“By implementing VIVE Focus 3 in LBE Mode, we offer a truly free-roaming experience without the need for VR backpacks.”

Sergio Barrera, CTO Virtualware

VIROO is Virtualware’s groundbreaking VR as a Service (VRaaS) platform, that is democratizing Virtual Reality for businesses and institutions worldwide.  It is a plug-and-play solution, accelerating access to immersive technology that is redefining training and simulation specially deployed in their custom-built immersive rooms, enabling simultaneous interaction among multiple users in full-scale scenarios.

“Partnering with HTC VIVE has been pivotal on our path, fostering enduring collaboration towards mutual success. We have been working since VIVE Focus 3 release on successfully integrate and deploy our updated VIROO® Room version, leveraging the enhanced capabilities and functionality offered by HTC VIVE technology”

David Moreno, CMO Virtualware

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