Virtualware Collaborates at “Imagining 2080” to Showcase the Potential of Virtual Reality in Canada’s Future

Virtualware Collaborates at “Imagining 2080” to Showcase the Potential of Virtual Reality in Canada’s Future

Bilbao, Spain, November 1, 2023.-  Virtualware (EPA: MLVIR), a leading  Virtual Reality company, operating in both Europe and Canada, collaborates at the “Imagining 2080: A Forum on Canada’s Futures” in a tour for the VR lab IMRSV@MAC powered by VIROO.

Imagining 2080 to be held in Hamilton from November 1-3, is a culminating event organized by McMaster University’s Future of Canada Project (FCP) that brings together 150 delegates with a forward-thinking mindset.

It challenges participants to envision the future of Canada in the year 2080, going beyond current challenges and limitations to explore more hopeful and innovative possibilities.

“We are thrilled that Imagining 2080 Forum delegates will have a chance to explore the future of VR during their ‘field trip to the future’ and are grateful to VirtualWare for hosting them for this insightful experience.”

Ann Elisabeth Samson, the strategic advisor for the Future of Canada Project”

Delegates for the event will have the opportunity to experience live demonstrations of VR use cases and industry examples created by the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University and by Virtualware at the recently unveiled VR lab IMRSV@MAC at McMaster Innovation Park.

The partnership between McMaster University and Virtualware represents a major leap forward in advancing VR innovation at scale. Powered by the enterprise VR platform VIROO®, this cutting-edge resource is aimed to become a leading hub for technology enthusiasts, facilitating the widespread adoption of VR technology across academia and industry sectors.

Michael Rosas, VP General Manager of Virtualware, expresses his enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We are thrilled to participate on the ‘Imagining 2080’ event. This is one more step towards a future where VR plays a significant role in education, research, and business. Together we are working to unlock the full potential of this emerging technology.”

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