Virtualware launches version 2.0 of its VIROO® 2.0

the VR platform viroo releases its 2.0 version

Virtualware, one of the pioneers in the Virtual Reality industry worldwide, today announced the launch of version 2.0 of its VIROO® platform.

VIROO® is a digital solution that allows the developing and deploying of multi-user Virtual Reality applications remotely. The platform aims to become the standard for developing multi-user VR applications worldwide, allowing to construct, handle and deploy immersive projects without constraints.

It incorporates its technological development with a physical space, the VIROO® Room, which allows several teams to work at full scale in the same material and virtual area.

Tracking systems are necessary to enjoy Virtual Reality experiences. Thus, the VIROO® room incorporates a complete tracking system that provides high precision compared to other relative positioning systems, allowing the collaboration of numerous users in the same physical space, whether large or large or small, safely.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently granted Virtualware a new patent for its tracking system, valid for 20 years.

In recent years, VIROO® has been the backbone of simulators. For example, the multinational GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy is training its personnel and the technology that will soon enable the virtual training of ADIF railway infrastructure maintenance personnel.

“We have created VIROO® to become the real next leap in the Virtual Reality industry. We expect hundreds of users to start developing complex, affordable, and meaningful immersive content that really changes the worlds”

explained the founder and CEO of the company, Unai Extremo

Remote connection without limits
The platform presents an improved version in terms of connectivity, making it more versatile, so multiple users can connect to the same collaborative space from different devices and locations. Either from a large VIROO® room or from a desktop computer, with or without VR viewers.

Virtual reality without limits
VIROO® version 2.0 includes advanced streaming technology, a new feature that allows the image to be displayed wirelessly on each virtual reality headset. In this way, users immersed in VIROO® rooms enjoy greater freedom, without the need to use VR Backpacks.

Create your own content
Another benefit has been the update of VIROO® Scene Generator 2.0, a toolkit for UNITY® that facilitates the creation of immersive content without the need to generate a single line of code, providing greater autonomy to organizations. VIROO® Scene Generator 2.0 also allows experienced UNITY® profiles to develop complex content and deploy it through the platform.
Through the new VIROO® Academy portal, VIROO® user organizations can independently access tutorials and resources to generate their content.

The VIROO® platform is constantly evolving, incorporating five new interactive demos that showcase the platform’s graphical and collaborative capabilities, and further updates are planned for the end of the year.

The company expects more than 50 global organizations and industry associations to use the VIROO® standard in their processes by 2023.

To date, Virtualware has around 15 VIROO® user organizations (Industrial Companies, Universities, and Vocational Training Centers) and has deployed 20 VIROO® rooms around the world, in Wilmington and San Jose in the United States, Markham in Canada, Bogota in Colombia, Aguascalientes and Mexico City in Mexico, and others in Spain, including in Madrid and the Basque Country.

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