Member of UK’s Immersive Technology Network

Virtualware joins the UK’s immersive technology network

Virtualware joins Immerse UK, the cross-sector network for businesses and researchers developing or using VR, AR and other immersive technologies and their applications. The UK’s only membership organisation dedicated to supporting content, applications, services and solution providers developing immersive technology solutions or companies creating content and experiences using immersive tech.

With more than 15 years of expertise providing cutting-edge immersive and interactive custom solutions for global companies, Virtualware joins this leading organisation with the aim of spreading the value of these technologies across industries, contributing to the UK growth.

This new membership will enable Virtualware to connect to a UK-wide network of innovative and creative professionals and bring them, its refined level of tech understanding.

Immerse UK will connect Virtualware to a UK-wide network of innovative and creative professionals working across the immersive tech sector – and beyond.

“At Virtualware, we are committed to help companies meet their challenges, bringing the benefits of VR/AR/XR technologies into reality. As the leading industry network, Immerse UK, is a strong partner that allows us to generate synergies with the main players in the UK”

David Moreno, Virtualware Head of Marketing and Business Development

“I was so impressed with my visit to Virtualware’s HQ, where I tried their VIROO platform. Their scalable enterprise VR solutions are industry leading, and we are thrilled to have them join the Immerse UK network. We hope to see them continue to push boundaries in the UK, where they have already been doing groundbreaking research with UK institutions like Kings College”

Asha Easton, KTN Manager Immerse UK chez Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)”

About Immerse UK

Immerse UK is the UK’s leading membership organisation for immersive technologies, that together industry, research and academic organisations, public sector and innovators to help fast track innovation, R&D, scalability and company growth.

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