Virtualware heads a NATO meeting for Science and Technology Research project.

Virtualware heads a NATO meeting for Science and Technology Research project

Bilbao, Spain, August 1, 2023. Virtualware (EPA: MLVIR), the European leader in the virtual reality industry, has led an international meeting of the NATO Science and Technology Organization (STO) to progress on the Study, Design, Building, and Deployment of a CBRN XR Training Platform.

From July 26 to 28, the international meeting gathered a group of 19 experts, hailing from the Human Factors and Medicine (HMF) and Modelling and Simulation (MSG) panels of the STO, convened in two working sessions at the Naval Command of Bilbao.

The objective was to drive forward an innovative research project (HMF-MSG-354), that is centered on the development of realistic extended reality (XR) simulations to support Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) exercises o increase the level of participation will ultimately decrease training costs and expand available training to NATO nations without testing facilities.

The STO, a preeminent international organization for defense cooperation in research and technology, brings together over 5,000 experts from NATO member countries and allied nations. It orchestrates an average of 175 activities annually, fostering advancements across a spectrum of defense-related technologies. The organization’s collaborative model is powered by Technical Panels, each dedicated to a specific technological area.

The project meeting, led by Virtualware, was attended by Maria Madarieta, a Research Member of the Modelling and Simulation group appointed by the Spanish Minister of Defense at the end of 2022, as well as Nurse Major Valentín González from the Department of Simulation at the Military Health School.

They contributed their valuable insights to the panel, along with other experts who participated in the session.

Virtualware and The Minister of Defense have been collaborating since 2020, working on a VR simulator for training army units in medical protocols for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear scenarios, enabling teams to assess and improve performance in various areas such as leadership, teamwork, communication skills, and decision-making proficiency in complex scenarios and extreme stress situations.

Nurse Major Valentín González could bring a unique perspective on the application of VR in medical training for military operations. 

“Virtual reality has revolutionized how we approach medical training, providing a safe and immersive environment where our personnel can practice critical medical procedures and decision-making under realistic conditions”

Nurse Major Valentin González

The two-days working sessions, culminated in a visit to Virtualware’s headquarters in Basauri, Bizkaia, that provides the group of experts tangible connection between the discussions held at the Naval Command of Bilbao and Virtualware’s innovative work environment.

“It´s been an opportunity for the experts to experience firsthand the technological prowess and visionary approach that we bring to the field of industrial virtual reality”

Maria Madarieta, R&D Director at Virtualware

Headquartered in Bilbao, Spain, Virtualware is a global pioneer in developing virtual reality solutions for major industrial, educational, and healthcare conglomerates. Since its founding in 2004, the company has executed over 500 projects in over 33 countries. Its flagship product, VIROO, is a VRaaS platform that has democratized Virtual Reality, making it accessible to companies and institutions of various sizes and sectors worldwide.

With a diverse client base that includes GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, Ontario Power Generation, Petronas, Iberdrola, Alstom, Guardian Glass, McMaster University, Gestamp, Danone, Johnson & Johnson, Biogen, Bayer, ADIF, the Spanish Ministry of Defense, El Retoño Technical University, and EAN University, Virtualware is poised for further global expansion.

The company went public on Euronext Access Paris in April 2023, where its stock currently trades at 8,55 euros a share and a valuation close to 38,60 million euros.

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