VIRTUAL4 and UNIMETA have formed a strategic alliance to install a multi-user immersive technologies laboratory.

VIRTUAL4 and UNIMETA have formed a strategic alliance to install a multi-user immersive technologies laboratory.

As part of the UniMetaTech Innovation Centre, which aims to be a space for improving technological and innovative skills contributing to the region’s development, Virtual4 member of the Basque Country´s GAIA cluster is implementing a new Immersive Technologies room under the VIROO platform.

This agreement establishes a framework for collaboration and coordination between both parties to boost UNIMETA’s competitiveness in immersive technologies, foster employment and entrepreneurship and progressively integrate this technology into training procedures, thereby enriching educational innovation in UniMetaTech.

Virtual4, a company based in Spain, Colombia, and Mexico, has installed a nearly 100m2 immersive technology laboratory under the VIROO platform at UniMetaTech innovation centre in Villavicencio.

This space allows multiple users to interact simultaneously in the same physical and virtual space, with absolute precision and freedom of movement. It facilitates the creation and distribution of content in remote and multi-user environments.

The VIROO room, located within the UniMetaTech space, will serve Corporación Universitaria del Meta-UNIMETA students and teachers as a support for advanced research and exploration in scientific and technical fields (R+D+I), allowing them to access specialised training and professional simulations to develop practical skills through collaborative work.

UniMetaTech is presented as UNIMETA’s innovation center dedicated to excellence in technology education. It aims to provide a quality educational experience that prepares students for the challenges of the modern world.

It has an e-learning platform that offers specialized short courses in the fields of programming, technology, marketing, and innovation. These courses are designed to give students practical, up-to-date skills in key business and technology areas.

UniMetaTech has signed an agreement with Tech University, an international institution with over 10,000 online courses in various fields. This partnership will strengthen the educational offering and expand the training opportunities for students.

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