Virtualware nominated for 2023 Outstanding VR Company of the Year

Virtualware nominated for 2023 Outstanding VR Company of the Year

Bilbao, August 22, 2023. – The Academy of International Extended Reality (AIXR) has announced the finalists for the 7th International VR Awards, naming Virtualware finalists for “Outstanding VR Company of the Year”.

The awards ceremony will take place on November 30, 2023, in Rotterdam, Netherlands at Immersive Tech Week, in a magic night to remember and showcase the incredible leaps and bounds in VR development across the globe.

The year 2023 has unfolded as a testament to Virtualware´s relentless pursuit of excellence, culminating in its nomination for a prestigious VR Awards. This recognition stands as a testament to Virtualware’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of virtual reality technology.

Some of the significant accomplishments this year have been Virtualware’s successful listing on Euronext Access Paris on April 20, 2023, the fulfillment of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001 Certification for both Virtualware and its proprietary VR platform VIROO, and the latest improvements of VIROO including XR and VR cave new capabilities among others.

Furthermore, throughout the year, the VR company has participated in globally significant technology events, solidifying its reputation as a frontrunner in the industry.

These include appearances at I/ITSEC, VRARA Immerse Summit, AWE USA, NATO Modelling & Simulation Group Annual Symposium, the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics, European Defence Innovation Days, International Training Technology Exhibition & Conference (IT²EC), Mobile Word Congress, and Collision affirming Virtualware’s impact on a global scale.

Virtualware’s impact extended to its VR platform VIROO which welcomed new users across diverse industry sectors throughout the year. Among them were Ontario Power Generation, a prominent clean power generator in North America; Gestamp, a key player in the European automotive industry; Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson; Invest WindsorEssex, a pivotal economic development organization; and El Salvador University, a venerable educational institution,  IWE, and Mc Master University.

Notably, Virtualware solidified its position as a global leader in virtual reality applied to nuclear energy, intensifying its support for multinational General Electric Hitachi Nuclear Energy across multiple locations.

Through 2023 Virtualware’s journey has showcased exceptional accomplishments that underscore its leadership in the realm of virtual reality. The nomination for this distinguished VR Award is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and global impact.

“In 2019 VIROO gained in product of the Year category, two years later (2021) we were awarded as the Best Innovative VR company of the Year, and now it is an absolute honor to be nominated by the industry professionals as the Oustanding VR company of year. This means a valuable recognition for our continuous work to set the standard for the industry, redefining the boundaries of possibility”

Unai Extremo, CEO  at Virtualware.

outstanding vr company 2023

Virtualware’s flagship product VIROO, the world’s pioneering VR as a Service (VRaaS) platform, makes Virtual Reality accessible to companies and institutions of all sizes and sectors. It is an all-in-one digital solution that enables the development and deployment of multi-user Virtual Reality applications remotely.

VIROO aims to become the standard for developing industrial end educational Virtual Reality applications worldwide.

Founded in 2004, Virtualware is one of the pioneering corporations in the European Virtual Reality industry applied to the industrial, educational, and healthcare sectors. Its team of more than 50 people has developed more than 500 projects in more than 33 countries. It has its headquarters in Bilbao, Spain, and its North American headquarters in Hamilton (Canada).

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