Leveraging VR business in Colombia through VIROO

leveraging VR business in Colombia through VIROO

Virtualware, a unique company mastering Virtual Reality since 2004, partners with Virtual4, a Colombian-based technology provider that uses VR to generate impact, change and transformation in society, to bring VIROOTM to Colombia.

According to Virtualware, the strategic collaboration will focus on the commercial introduction of VIROOTM in Colombia.  VIROOTM is an all-in-one tool that places the full potential of Virtual Reality in your hands giving companies and institutions the power to pursue the extraordinary by boosting Innovation.  With VIROOTM Virtual4 will leverage their VR business and bring high value-added Virtual Reality products and services to their clients.

“Partnering with Virtualware will further bolster us as one of the go-to vendors of cutting-edge technology in the region. Having access to VIROOTM will help us achieve our main objective of generating positive changes in the lives of people and society, creating the future roadmap for innovation and growth in the business of virtual reality, not only in Colombia but also worldwide”

Luis Alberto, Vice-president Sales of Virtual4 Group

Both companies join forces to democratize virtual reality technology through this innovative and sustainable approach.

Virtualware truly believes in the potential of Virtual Reality to change the world. Along with Virtual4, they will continue pushing the boundaries to accelerate the adoption of this technology by placing VIROOTM as the standard in Colombia and across industries.

“Virtual4 will not only serve as VIROOTM’s top resellers in Colombia, but the new VR-based partnership will also begin to introduce VR in a new potential industry such us society transformation”

Unai Extremo, Virtualware CEO

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