Virtualware team up with ART at AWE EU 2023 to showcase the latest advancements in VR

Virtualware team up with ART at AWE EU 2023 to showcase the latest advancements in VR

Bilbao, October 19, 2023.-  Virtualware (EPA: MLVIR), the European leader in the virtual reality, and the expert for optical tracking and innovative object localization ART, join forces at AWE to present highly accurate VR experiences.

AWE is the largest business-to-business XR event series with the EU event drawing an estimated 2,200 attendees from around the world in enterprise, education & training, gaming, entertainment, retail, and marketing.   The event is a hub for AR, VR, and spatial computing bringing together XR professionals and enthusiasts from 48 countries, with over 250+ speakers, and 100+ exhibitors, covering 11 distinct themes.

Virtualware will be showing off the latest updates on its VR product VIROO; a pioneering VR as a Service (VRaaS) platform, that makes Virtual Reality accessible to companies and institutions of all sizes and sectors. It is an all-in-one digital solution that enables the development and deployment of multi-user Virtual Reality applications remotely.

One of the latest capabilities released on VIROO 2.4, extends its functionality to the highly accurate tracking systems manufactured by Advanced Realtime Tracking.

Since 1999, ART is one of the leading manufacturers of premium optical motion tracking systems for Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR).  The ART tracking system and the ART interaction device Flystick2+ provide accurate and responsive tracking of user movements and interactions.

The collaboration between ART, and Virtualware on VIROO empowers realistic and efficient interaction with tiny UI components embedded in HMIs, providing a remarkable precision for VR accurate experiences.

Co-located at booth 241, Vrgineers, a leader in delivering virtual and mixed reality pilot training solutions for professional and military clients, will be presenting XTAL 3 VR headset, a game changer in enhanced pilot training. This VR headset that has been specially designed to provide realistic simulations, based on feedback from pilots and instructors, is also compatible with VIROO.

AWE EU 2023 taking place October 24-25 in Vienna, Austria will be the stage for forging this transforming partnership and advancing the boundaries of AR, VR.  The collaboration between leading VR companies is helping to make VR technologies more accessible to businesses and moving the industry forward.

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