This is not Virtual Reality, Violence against women is real.

This is not Virtual Reality, VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IS real

There are millions of stories like this around the world; it is very devastating and sad. Violence against women violates human rights. Every 25th of November, we can see that statistics around the world continue to be devastating, and violence in its different forms PERSISTS. Last year alone, 50,000 women around the world were murdered by their partners or relatives.

In Virtualware, we want to show our rejection of violence and we have prepared a video to show our support on this day.  With this video, we want, in some way, to give visibility to all those girls and women whose fundamental rights are violated by gender issues.  We want to make visible this horrible reality that is still very present in our society today.  Let’s not look the other way.

Many innocent lives face violence every day. We support any campaign that aims to end violence against children and women.  This is just ours

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