Universidad el Salvador taps Virtualware technology to launch health sciences virtual reality lab

Universidad el Salvador taps Virtualware technology to launch health sciences virtual reality lab

The Universidad del Salvador (UES) will launch Minerva Lab, a virtual reality (VR) laboratory focused on health sciences to expand the development capabilities of the student body.

Adapting to the technological changes in education, UES is taking another step forward to strengthen academic training by incorporating Virtualware’s VIROO platform in its facilities. VIROO is an all-in-one platform that allows for the design, administration, and implementation of VR.

The Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Chemistry, and Pharmacy at UES can tap into the platform to develop new learning models, generate more dynamic and interactive classes and address the challenges facing education through experiences both in the new 90 m2 space, located on the first level of the shared building and remotely with the aid of VR headsets and a computer.

The educational innovation and the implementation of this VR initiative will allow students to develop new digital skills while helping prepare them for the current labor and professional market, in which collaborative and multi-user virtual reality content is increasingly common.

The new 90 m2 laboratory will allow up to 10 people to train collaboratively and without limitations, without risks, and in the same immersive session, which can also be joined by more users remotely.

“Teachers will have the ability to create and deploy virtual reality learning resources and activities autonomously.  Thanks to Virtualware’s VIROO platform, the content creation process is much simpler, without the need to write a single line of code”

Unai Extremo, CEO of Virtualware

“We wanted to make a leap in the traditional education of our center, to improve the teaching-learning processes in order to better prepare students for the digital world”

Roger Armando Arias, Rector of UES.

The initiative is part of a Digital Transformation Project at UES, which plans to have a total of three VR laboratories, one in health, another in the area of engineering sciences, and a third at a multidisciplinary level.

Minerva VR lab

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