Virtualware and the Valdecilla Virtual Hospital to build effective medical programmes using VIROO

Virtualware and Hospital virtual valdecilla to build effective medical programmes using VIROO

Virtualware, the premier European provider of virtual reality, and the high-performance innovation and training center for healthcare professionals, Hospital virtual Valdecilla have joined forces to provide successful medical training programs to support the development of the health community, applying VR technologies.

Both parties will tackle this project by deploying VIROO®, a Virtualware proprietary platform that combines workforce training, engineering, and design evaluation and that has proven to be effective in the development of medical solutions for private and public clients.

Combining the scientific experience and knowledge in the clinical training of Hospital virtual Valdecilla with the award-winning VIROO® platform that is establishing as the new standard of VR, will mark a new era to integrate VR technology as part of Valdecilla’s value equation with a high emphasis on innovation.

Virtualware is one of the leading companies in the European immersive tech landscape.  Founded in 2003 by Unai Extremo and Sergio Barrera, the company is renowned for using technologies such as virtual, mixed, and augmented reality to benefit industries across the market.

“This alliance is the beginning of a long-term relationship with the aim of building a base of VR content and to create transformative experiences that provide clinical and scientific value. The creation and validation of this content by world leaders in the medical simulation industry will facilitate the adoption of virtual reality as an effective method for training and educating healthcare professionals,” ”

explained Julio Alvarez Health Business Manager, Virtualware

On the other hand, the Hospital virtual Valdecilla is a public company part of the Ministry of Health of the Government of Cantabria, highly experienced in using clinical simulation as a teaching tool, making them one of the high-performance training and top innovation center in healthcare around the world

VIROO®, Virtualware’s chief product, is a seamless VR solution that can design, manage, and deploy virtual reality. As a platform, it offers a versatile solution to enhance training programs in fields as complex as the health industry. It will allow medical institutions to use it in complicated training settings for the medical professionals that will bring efficiency in their professional practices.

In recent years, it has become an industry-standard safety and training in a are complex contexts. Its underlining technology is patented in the United States and the European Union.

“Innovation allows organizations and companies to maintain the line of leadership and excellence they need to offer the highest quality of services. With the use of clinical simulation as a teaching tool, the Hospital virtual Valdecilla is becoming a cutting-edge center of innovation and high performance training for health”

added Juan Pedraja, Innovation Manager at Hospital virtual Valdecilla

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