Virtualware showcases VIROO at the Simulation for European Space Programmes.

Virtualware showcases VIROO at the Simulation for European Space Programmes

The European Space Agency (ESA) celebrates a new edition of the Workshop on Simulation for European Space Programmes (SESP), taking place virtually on March 30 – April 1, 2021.

The main themes of the SESP are sorted into Modelling and Simulation, Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE), System Information Management and Standards, with a special focus on Digital Twins. The workshop is a uniquely focused forum where representatives of Space Agencies and Industry discuss the current state-of-the-art as well as future trends and needs. An excellent opportunity for systems developers and users to meet and to share experiences with related tools, techniques, and practices.

We will be exhibiting at SESP, presenting how the VR innovation tool VIROOTM combined with the potential of space assets can add great value to the Industry. For instance, to create training programmes where astronauts can be trained in simulated large-scale multi-user VR environments or to create Virtual Labs or educational facilities where students can perform experiments that are difficult to perform in a traditional lab due to its danger or high cost, even remotely.

We truly believe in the potential of Virtual Reality to change the world and by participating in SESP we continue pushing the boundaries to accelerate the adoption of this technology in the aerospace sector by placing VIROOTM as the standard in the MST industry.

The world needs a qualitative technological leap forward to innovate, and VIROOTM is already solving a multitude of challenges that concern us today, making VR technology accessible and easy to use, and helping organizations and institutions boost their capacity for innovation in its training, engineering and product development processes.

VIROO: The VR innovation tool

VIROO is a unique VR Innovation tool that places all the potential of Virtual Reality in your hands. The Award-winning VR Enterprise Solution of The Year simplifies the adoption of Virtual Reality, giving companies and institutions the power to pursue the extraordinary by boosting innovation.

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