Virtualware, the world’s Innovative VR company in the 2021 VR Awards

Virtualware acknowledged as the world’s Innovative VR company in the 2021 VR Awards

Spanish pioneer Virtualware, the leading European provider of Virtual Reality (VR) solutions for industrial sectors, has been acknowledged as the world’s Innovative VR Company at the latest edition of the VR Awards, held on November 18th past in San Francisco and London.

Virtualware, which was founded nearly 18 years ago, offers cutting-edge solutions to various Fortune industrial 500 companies, including GE Hitachi (TYO: 6501), Bayer (ETR:BAYN), and Merck (NYSE:MRK), to name a few.  Global powerhouses such as Alstom EPA: (ALO), Land Rover Jaguar, Iberdrola (BME:IBE), Repsol (BME:REP), and Petronas (KLSE:PETGAS) also count on Virtualware as a key technology solutions provider.

The jury of the VR Awards, created by the Academy of International Extended Reality in Los Angeles, California, welcomed the company’s commitment to a sustainable future and one where virtual developments can help tackle real-economy problems.

The Awards adds to the slew of honors already won by Virtualware, notably in developing a new Virtual Reality framework to be adopted by industrial-oriented content creators and large corporations.

The Academy specially recognized Virtualware for building and deploying its patented VIROO platform, which the firm has been spearheading over the last three years as the new standard for creating, managing and, deploying VR content that can solve complex problems.

Founded by CEO Unai Extremo and CTO Sergio Barrera in 2004, Virtualware is hailed as a European leader in applying immersive technologies, including virtual, mixed, and augmented reality.

The company aims to create real-world solutions and has led the creation of several breakthrough applications, including one that allows workers as specialized as nuclear plants operators to train safely.

“Our philosophy to bring the virtual world and the digital world at the confluence of innovation is inspiring the thriving VR industry, and we take pride that our work is bringing modern solutions to any forward-looking business. This Award is dedicated to the entire team”

said Mr. Unai after accepting it

Headquartered in Bilbao, Spain, a North American office in Toronto, and partner companies around the world, the firm will finish 2021 with over €5m in billings. Its team of 45 headcount includes technologists and engineers who have launched more than 500 projects in over 27 countries.

Its flagship VIROO is a boundless all-in-one VR solution that can be used to create, manage and deploy VR without limitations. In extension, the VIROO room allows several users to work in full-scale in the same physical space, a key advancement that will be observed as a must in B2B VR solutions. Furthermore, the proprietary software allows content creators to manage content for different levels of end-users so that corporations can use it in intricate training environments.

“Our mission is to promote the vast potential of industry-oriented Virtual Reality and accelerate its adoption, helping companies and institutions create a sustainable future that moves society forward”

explained Mr Unai Extremo, CEO of Virtualware

According to him, Virtualware aspires to democratize VR technology through this innovative and sustainable approach. Universities, multinationals, and innovation centers in Europe and America are already using VIROO to be more competitive and sustainable. The business model enables these entities’ capacity to create, manage and deploy their content and unlock the potential of VR.

The company expects over 50 global organizations and industry associations to use their standard in their processes by 2023.  The firm recently won a significant tender by the Spanish railway infrastructure consortium, ADIF, to create virtual solutions to train highly-specialized workers.

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