General Electric Hitachi

Pioneering Virtual Reality Fuel Movement Simulator

Client: GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, world-leading provider of advanced reactors and nuclear services, is redefining its Nuclear Strategy defining New Nuclear for the Industry. The main pillar of this new approach is to create more value for Nuclear Customers and disrupt with New Nuclear.

Workforce training has been identified as a key area to help achieve some of the main targeted goals: Implement the most significant savings opportunities in the most efficient manner possible.

Among all the processes, General Electric Hitachi was seeking an innovative way to train and requalify operators in fuel movement operations. A complex process and highly skilled activity that requires top level expertise and training, as well as outstanding coordination between the different parties involved during the fuel movement process.

Deployed in Virtualware’s award-winning VR enterprise solution VIROO Immersive Room, the fuel movement simulator allows multiple users to collaborate in a refuel floor simulated nuclear environment. By means of a physical replica of the refuelling mast connected directly to the virtual environment, users are able to carry out fuel movement operations as if they were doing so in reality.

The fuel movement simulator is part of a new generation of simulators that GE Hitachi in alliance with Virtualware will release for operation during the coming years, not only for the BWR technology but PWR and D&D as well.

This initiative will improve the capabilities of professionals through intensive training and contribute to the reduction of both costs and risks. In addition, these systems will help Nuclear customers to have just-in-time bespoke training solutions on site that will contribute to the reduction of operational costs associated with training and quality issues.

Finalist for the VR Awards 2020

Pioneering The first of a new generation of industrial simulators

Physical Replica Integration of the physical replica of the refuelling mast

Cost And Risks Reduction of operational costs and risks associated with training and quality issues.

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