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VIROO® Partner Program is a unique opportunity to leverage and grow your VR business at scale.
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Empower your company with the most advanced VR platform.

Becoming a member of VIROO® Partner Program is a unique opportunity for companies and institutions to leverage their respective expertise to create and offer innovative VR solutions, growing their business at scale.

Gain access to the latest in VR technology and become more competitive

VIROO® partner program gives you the opportunity to work with and leverage the latest in virtual reality technology, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace and enabling you to deliver breakthrough solutions to your customers.

Diversify your product portfolio expanding your revenue potential

By becoming a VIROO® authorized partner, you gain access to a wider range of VR services and tools you can offer your clients. This allows you to diversify your offerings and cater to various customer needs, expanding your revenue potential.

Navigate the complexities of the VR business with a 20-year expertise company support

More than providing comprehensive training and resources to help you generate revenue with VIROO®, we support you with our 20-year expertise in the VR industry, helping you navigate the complexities of the business and ensuring you have all you need to deliver exceptional solutions to your clients.

Enhance market credibility by being associated with a remarkable VR company and solution

As a VIROO® partner program member, you earn significant market credibility by being associated with a world-leading VR company and cutting-edge platform. Instill trust in your customers and differentiate you from competitors, potentially attracting more clients and business opportunities.

Increase exposure and promotion to a wider audience by being part of VIROO®'s marketing activities

Through joint marketing efforts and promotional activities, VIROO® authorized partners gain the exposure needed to drive user engagement, attract new customers, and build brand awareness.

Establish relationships with complementary businesses that can lead to collaboration oppportunities

Beyond generating leads and revenue, VIROO® partner program helps you build relationships with complementary businesses that benefit both companies. Our community of like-minded professionals can open doors to exciting collaborative projects and opportunities.

VIROO® partners

Learn more about our existing partner community who are growing their business with VIROO®


Invest WinsorEssex


Invest WindsorEssex is the lead economic development agency for the Windsor-Essex region. The focus of the organization is to develop and execute strategies to retain, expand, attract and help new businesses start-up in the Windsor-Essex region. 


South Korea

Intuita develops and provides disaster response training simulation software.The company utilizes the latest technologies based on continuous research and development, with solid partnerships with the universities and best XR and AI tech companies, both domestically and internationally.




VRticles™ brings cutting-edge, next-generation Experience Centres to industry verticals, businesses and consumers with the idea of immersing them in the prowess and span of modern technologies. The company also offers Immersive Analytics that allows users to visualize and analyse data in a multi-dimensional immersive format. 




Isostopy, awarded as the most creative company in Spain, at Creative Business 2019, is dedicated to the development of immersive experiences, specializing in virtual, augmented and mixed reality. With a solid track record in various sectors, such as industry, heritage and marketing, the company have worked with clients such as Telefónica, Inditex, Airbus, Lidl and Philips.


McMaster University


McMaster Engineering is committed to the pursuit of excellence and plays a significant role in helping McMaster University earn its reputation as one of Canada’s most innovative universities. Created in 1958, The Faculty of Engineering at McMaster is committed to research with impact and transforming the education of engineering.




TDLCA has 18 years of experience in the development of eLearning solutions and the assembly of multi-industry LMS platforms, and over the last decade has established itself as a leader in the incorporation of disruptive tools such as gamification, 360° and Virtual Reality for corporate learning in Chile and Perú.



Virtul4 provides virtual reality solutions to generate impact, change and transformation in society, fostering educational and business innovation.  The company works on projects in different sectors such as education, health, environment, government, culture, among others, to positively impact our society.




Dreamtech5 is a company that specializes in in creating, designing and developing customized visual solutions based on immersive, interactive technologies. The company is focused on different sectors, mostly in the technical field, offering high added value solutions. They boast extensive experience in 3D video, AR or VR creation, among others.


Corporación Digital


Corporación Digital has been dedicated to the development of innovation projects in the area of ICT and Audiovisual in Central America for more than two decades. From its HQ in El Salvador, the company has been working in the Private, Academic, and Public sectors, looking for those unattended technology needs that impact on the new forms and trends of information processing.




AdvanSoft has more than 12 years of experience and expertise working with companies to increase productivity and safety by simplifying business processes with software IT solution, particularly related to mobile application solution, barcode/RFID identification, information management, factory automation, augmented / virtual reality, etc. Their key industries are oil & gas, petrochemical, power utilities and manufacturing.




VRLOGIC GmbH offers professional Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and 3D solutions. Since their establishment in 2002, the company has specialized in sales, service, and support for a comprehensive range of VR and AR products. VRLOGIC GmbH helps customers to optimize their processes, enhance their products, and improve their training and education.

What our partner community say

“VIROO® Partner Program will further bolster us as one of the go-to vendors of cutting-edge technology in the region and help us create the future roadmap for innovation and growth in the business of virtual reality, not only in Colombia but also worldwide”

Luis Alberto Viñas

VP of Sales

What our partner community say

“VIROO® Partner Program will further bolster us as one of the go-to vendors of cutting-edge technology in the region and help us create the future roadmap for innovation and growth in the business of virtual reality, not only in Colombia but also worldwide”

Luis Alberto Viñas

VP of Sales

“With VIROO®’s capabilities we can better address various challenges related to effective training and education with unlimited training scenarios in a safe environment without the cost of burden.”

Sogu Yang

Managing Director

“Iincorporating VIROO® into the development of our simulators allows us to offer our clients a secure and scalable platform with which they can enjoy the content with or without glasses, in a collaborative and simultaneous way”

Javier Escorihuela

CEO and Founder

Join our partner community
and supercharge your business today!

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