This is VIROO Studio:
Your Gateway to VR Content Creation

A set of tools integrated into the Unity engine that allows users to
produce multi-user and remote collaboration ready VR content without coding expertise.

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Designed for creators of all skill levels.

Crafted to facilitate the creation of VR experiences within the Unity engine, VIROO Studio is engineered to empower creators with varying levels of expertise, including those with limited coding skills, to design and develop immersive virtual reality content.

Low code approach to reduce the need for coding expertise.

VIROO Studio simplifies the VR creation process by reducing the need for extensive coding knowledge. This inclusive philosophy allows individuals of diverse skill levels to unleash their creativity and bring virtual reality projects to life without being hindered by complex programming requirements.

Relied upon the Unity Editor to ensure your project is available for the future.

VIROO Studio is integrated into Unity Editor, the world’s leading engine for creating and growing real-time 3D (RT3D) content. This ensures that your project is supported by the standard in the industry even if you stop using VIROO® Studio.

Adaptable and flexible allowing coding-skilled professionals to easily extend its functionalities.

VIROO Studio versatility ensures that those with coding expertise can seamlessly tailor and enhance the system according to specific needs and evolving requirements.

Create multi-user and
remote collaboration ready VR content without coding skills

VIROO Studio empowers users to create powerful immersive content with ease, featuring an advanced validation control system to enhance the content creation process. Exclusively designed for Virtual Reality content creators using Unity licenses.


Don't have content creation capabilities? No problem!

Trusted providers who collaborate with Unity and VIROO Content Partners can handle that aspect for you!

Our community speaks

“VIROO® Studio provides a faster way for creating simulations and lowers barrier of entry for new developers.”

Hanna Haponenko

Senior Systems Engineer

Create your VR content with ease.
A gateway to low-code.

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