Turn spaces into
collaborative immersive VR Rooms

With VIROO you can transform physical spaces into lifelike VR scenarios and explore your content in full-scale with multiple users interacting at the same time.


A unique solution providing in-person and full-scale interaction in VR

“From energy to transportation and education, the benefits for all industries are limitless” – Sergio Barrera, CTO of Virtualware

Realistic multi-user training environments for complex processes

Multiple users can simultaneously interact within the same physical and virtual space and with absolute accuracy and freedom of movement.

VIROO Players in a immersive vr room

Lifelike VR simulations

Deploy full immersive, real-scale and impactful experiences. Scenarios that aim to replicate the intricacies of the physical world, providing users with an environment that feels authentic and true to life.

Collaborate connecting with other VIROO Rooms across the globe

Master complex processes! The immersive experience is enhanced by the detachment from the physical surroundings, including co-located colleagues.

immersive room

VIROO Room is compatible
with multi-projection systems

VIROO allows immersive multiuser VR in Cave Automatic Virtual Environment and similars. It manages hardware, sessions, and content, incorporating specific DTrack and MultiDisplay.

Our community speaks

“Customers can take our hands-on VR simulators to train newer employees, make teams more proficient, help with communication skills and really improve their performance, which in the end, improves the industry.”

Jarret Heitzmann

Virtual Reality Program Owner

“The unveiling of the custom-built immersive room will provide access to students, faculty, and businesses to push boundaries and explore the use of VR tools and technologies in the region.”

Ali Emadi

Engineering Professor and Canada Research Chair in Transportation Electrification and Smart Mobility

Transform physical spaces
into lifelike VR scenarios.

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