Latest Release

VIROO 2.5 is now the latest release with new stable features and enhancements
that you can use to start and scale VR in your organisation.
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Major improvements!
The most remarkable ones:

VIROO Studio

Simulation of real-life complex scenarios, facilitating an increase in hands-on training time for personnel.

immersive room
VIROO Studio, integrated into Unity Engine, enables easy development of multiuser VR environments compatible with immersive devices. Its advanced features, including third-party assembly integration and validation control system, to streamline content creation, now expand to:
  • ArUco Markers: we are integrating these markers in our new VIROO Rooms for a robust, fast and simple detection for the VR Headsets.
  • Incorporation of XR Interaction Toolkit: Grab interactions are now done with XRI components.
  • VIROO Lab: the scene has been updated.
  • VIROO Platform

    Advancements that contribute to a more robust, efficient, and feature-rich platform.

    As a CLOUD platform, VIROO uses a highly modular container architecture hosted on AWS. It takes advantage of scalable services, load balancing, latency optimization by geographical area, security best practices, and now:
  • VIROO Session: the module is now deployed as an independent AWS ECS container.
  • Unity updates: Unity projects and packages have been updated to Unity 2022 LTS.
  • VIROO Networking: We have included WebSockets transport to our network communication server.
  • VIROO Content: downloading process has been updated and accommodated.
  • VIROO Players

    Join sessions from anywhere and share the same virtual space simultaneously.

    VIROO Players in a immersive vr room
    VIROO Players are a versatile software enabling users to deploy personalized virtual content on VR equipment and on immersive VR rooms. It facilitates seamless participation and simultaneous interaction with VR elements. See rencent additions:
  • Sessions: Organization’s public session list is now available.
  • Avatars: default nick names are now directly obtained from VIROO Identity module.
  • Native Quad Bufered Stereo support: we have developed a native OpenGl application.
  • SingleEquipment Multidisplay: Active Stereo Rendering.
  • VIROO 2.5 Resources

    Whether you want to get started in VR or take it to the next level, discover resources to help you embrace virtual reality and mixed reality at scale.

    Release notes

    We prepared a series of upgrade guides to help you transition to VIROO 2.5

    Guides and Manuals

    View the user manual and learn what’s changed in VIROO platform.

    Subscription Plans

    VIROO’s subscription plans encourage experimentation and reduce upfront costs.

    The future is immersive.
    Be ready today.

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