Virtualware and Emisan receive the E-nnova Health award

Virtualware and Emisan receive the E-nnova Health award for the VR workforce simulator

The Spanish Military School of Health (EMISAN), and the leading European virtual reality (VR) provider Virtualware, have received the  E-nnova Health Award Award in the Digital Transformation category, in recognition of the application of new technologies to improve the system.

Diario Médico and Correo Farmacéutico, two of Spain’s most important specialized publications in the field of healthcare, recognize with these awards the work of institutions, companies, and professionals whose digital initiatives have added value, contributed to the sustainability of the system and improved the patient’s life throughout 2022.

The collaborative project, today awarded, was born by the Spanish Ministry of Defense, in order to address the challenges of training army units in medical protocols for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) scenarios for the Military Health Corps in the Spanish Military School of Health (EMISAN), betting on VR by the hand of Virtualware.

With more than 18 years of experience pushing the boundaries of Virtual Reality in all industries leading with numerous developments for the business world, Virtualware has been in charge of tackling this ambitious project, with the main objective of training its Military Health Corps in tactical combat casualty care, tactical emergency casualty care and medical assistance in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear environments.

“Receiving this award, means a valuable opportunity to give visibility to a constantly evolving project that is helping us to train our medical teams effectively

Capitán Valentin, EMISAN.

Based on the VIROO platform, this project for the medical training of the armed forces makes it possible to evaluate and improve their performance, reproducing complex environments, and reducing time and risks.

Jesús Garrido, SVP, EMEA Business at Virtualware, together with Health Lieutenant Colonel Antonio del Real Colomo, Nurse Commander Valentín González Alonso, and Nurse Captain Raúl Rodríguez, from the EMIDAN ACD Simulation Department, accepted the award at a ceremony held at Espacio Pablo VI in Madrid.

“This recognition helps us to reaffirm that Virtual Reality is consolidating itself as the standard for staff training”

adds Jesús Garrido, EMEA Business Manager

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