VIROO for Spanish Military Health School in focus at Fall 2022 TIDE Sprint

the VR revolutionary solution for Spanish Military Health School in focus at Fall 2022 TIDE Sprint

Leading European VR for industry provider brings its revolutionary platform to NATO’s premier think-tank initiative to solve tomorrow’s interoperability challenges

Europe’s leading industrial virtual reality (VR) company Virtualware will present how the Spanish Military Health School is using VR to revolutionize medical training at the Think-Tank for Information and Decision Execution Superiority (TIDE) Sprint, part of the NATO Allied Command Transformation-led Interoperability Continuum.

TIDE Sprints bring together operators, managers, industry, and academia to share, exchange and explore ideas to help the Alliance stay at the forefront of technological change.  The event themed “Improving today, shaping tomorrow, bringing the two” is scheduled for 24-28 October 2022 in Virginia Beach, USA.

On October 26th at 15:45 EST Michael Rosas, SVP Virtualware will deepen into how the Spanish Military Health School is implementing VIROO® to address the challenges of training army units in medical protocols for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear scenarios.

He will dive deep into how teams assess and improve performance in various areas such as leadership, teamwork, communication skills, and decision-making proficiency in complex scenarios and extreme stress situations.

VIROO, is the boundless all-in-one solution that makes organizations adopt VR in a simple, nimble, and scalable way.   The all-in-one VR platform simplifies the adoption of Virtual Reality, giving companies, and institutions the capability to create, manage and deploy VR content.

Michael will share sessions together with other companies such Rods&Cones, Offroad Apps, Proximie, Telefonica, IConnect, Booz Allen Hamilton, Kromek, Mion Technologies, CMU – Dr. Dag von Lubitz.

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The Think-Tank for Information and Decision Execution Superiority (TIDE) Sprint is part of HQ SACT’s Interoperability Continuum series of events, which also includes CWIX and the TIDE Hackathon. Together, these events allow NATO, Alliance and Partner nations and other organizations to continually improve federated interoperability between NATO’s people, process and technology.

TIDE Sprints are forward looking events that bring together the extended TIDE Community (NATO, nations, industry and academia) to discuss, evolve and solve C3 capability and IT service challenges and improvements through cooperative, educational and collaborative working sessions.

TIDE Sprints use a combination of show and tell, brainstorming, education, demonstration, coding and testing to further improve NATO and National capabilities with a focus on interoperability; bringing together C3 communities of interest (CoI) in a spirit of collaboration.


Virtualware’s flagship VIROO® is a boundless all in-one solution that makes VR adoption simple, nimble, and scalable. Acknowledged as the VR Enterprise Solution of the year in 2019, gives companies, organizations, and institutions the capability to create, manage and deploy remote and collaborative VR content.


Virtualware is the leading European provider of virtual reality (VR) solutions for industrial sectors. It was recently acknowledged as the world’s Innovative VR Company during the latest edition of the VR Awards.

Virtualware, which was founded nearly 18 years ago, offers cutting-edge solutions to various industrial Fortune 500 companies, including GE Hitachi, Bayer, and Merck.

Founded by CEO Unai Extremo and CTO Sergio Barrera in 2004, Virtualware is a European leader in applying immersive technologies, including virtual, mixed, and augmented reality. The company aims to create real-world solutions and has led the creation of several breakthrough applications, including one that allows workers as specialized as nuclear plants operators to train safely.

Headquartered in Bilbao, Spain, and with a North American office in Toronto, Canada, and partner companies around the world, the firm will finish 2021 with over €5m in billings. Its team of 45 people includes technologists and engineers who have launched more than 500 projects in over 27 countries.

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