Immersive experience for Tierra de Maestros Museum, in Mexico

Immersive experience for Tierra de Maestros Museum, in Mexico

Having a family tradition of 11 generations, and being the first tequila producer in Latin America, Casa Cuervo produces, markets and distributes a portfolio of more than 30 brands of alcoholic beverages, ready-to-serve cocktails, as well as non-alcoholic beverages in more than 85 countries.

One of its main brands, Maestro Dobel, wanted to create an innovative new museum with the tequila elaboration process as the central axis, in which the visitor could discover the tequila mastery of the brand and live a unique sensorial experience.

The museum, called Tierra de Maestros, is located in Mexico City, 600kms away from the place where the Mexican drink par excellence is produced.

In order to develop the unique experience they were seeking, Casa Cuervo trusted Virtualware, which designed a mixed reality experience to be used with Hololens (Microsoft) and an itinerary covering 5 rooms and 2 floors. In this circuit, 10 visitors can interact simultaneously with different informative holograms through their Hololens, discovering everything related to the tequila process: the Agave plant characteristics (the raw material used for this beverage), type of soil needed, period and tools for its harvest, the process of elaboration and distillation and last, the types and aging according to the different barrels.

Once the experience is over, Casa Cuervo knows which the favorite tequilas of each visitor are, so that it is able to offer a personalized gift.

Tierra de Maestros, initially designed to be lived temporarily, will remain open at least until December 2019 due to the good response and flow of visitors.

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