Virtualware announces Isostopy as VIROO VR Content Partner

Virtualware announces Isostopy as VIROO VR Content Partner

Bilbao, May 21 –  Spanish technology firm Virtualware (EPA: MLVIR), one of Europe’s leading virtual reality companies, has signed a partnership agreement with Isostopy to power the VIROO® platform.

The agreement welcomes Isostopy into the VIROO® Partner Programme with the aim of expanding the use of virtual reality to reach a wider customer base with high-quality VR content.

Isostopy, awarded as the most creative company in Spain, at Creative Business 2019, is dedicated to the development of immersive experiences, specializing in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality

With a solid track record in various sectors, such as industry, heritage, and marketing, having worked with clients such as Telefónica, Inditex, Airbus, Lidl, and Philips, it joins the partner channel, offering high-value virtual reality developments based on the VIROO® platform.

From an operational simulator in a logistics plant or the prevention of occupational risks in the construction industry to virtual tours of the unknown Spanish heritage in the Western Pacific, or archaeological sites, are some of the company’s verticals.

“The development of simulators has faced a series of obstacles in terms of their deployment in large companies or the implementation of collaboration systems between several users.  Now, incorporating VIROO into the development of our simulators allows us to offer our clients a secure and scalable platform with which they can enjoy the content with or without glasses, in a collaborative and simultaneous way”

explained Javier Escorihuela, CEO & Founder of Isostopy.

One of the recent projects developed by Isostopy in collaboration with Virtualware has been conceived as a training tool for the sales team of a multinational pharmaceutical company. A simulator in which users assume different roles (doctor, sales representative, or spectator), with the aim of practicing the sales process, facing different situations.

VIROO partner Isostopy

Virtualware’s flagship product VIROO, the world’s pioneering VR as a Service (VRaaS) platform, makes Virtual Reality accessible to companies and institutions of all sizes and sectors. It is an all-in-one digital solution that enables the development and deployment of multi-user Virtual Reality applications remotely.

VIROO is already used by more than 40 companies and institutions worldwide including GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, Ontario Power Generation, Gestamp, ADIF, the Spanish Ministry of Defense, El Retoño Technological University, McMaster University, and EAN University. The enterprise VR platform has been the backbone to develop strategic projects for defense ministries, critical infrastructure training projects, and innovative educational programs.

VIROO aims to become the standard for developing industrial end educational Virtual Reality applications worldwide.

Founded in 2004, Virtualware is one of the pioneering corporations in the European Virtual Reality industry applied to the industrial, educational and healthcare sectors. Its team of more than 50 people has developed more than 500 projects in more than 33 countries. It has its headquarters in Bilbao, Spain, and its North American headquarters in Hamilton (Canada).

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