Virtualware joins the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Canada

Virtualware joins the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Canada

Bilbao, May 22, 2023. –  Spanish technology company Virtualware (EPA: MLVIR), one of the European leaders in the virtual reality industry, has joined the Spain Canada Chamber of Commerce (SCCC) as Gold Member to establish new business alliances in Canada further.

The mission of the SCCC is to promote and facilitate economic relations between the Canadian and Spanish business Communities in every Province and to foster the interest in investment and cultural interchange relating to Commerce, technology, economics, science, industry, or culture linked to Canada and Spain.

It serves as a platform for businesses and professionals from various sectors, with a common interest in initiating or expanding their activities on both sides of the Atlantic.

“By joining the Chamber, we will have access to a network of like-minded individuals and organizations, enabling them to explore new opportunities and foster greater knowledge exchange”

Michael Rosas, VP General Manager for North America,  Virtualware

“We are particularly thrilled to collaborate with Virtualware, as they are pioneers in the field of Virtual Reality, driving innovation in our community. Their expertise and innovative solutions have revolutionized the industry, and we believe that their membership in our Chamber will further enhance the growth and development of their business. Together, we will leverage our collective expertise and resources to forge stronger connections, advance cutting-edge technologies, and propel both the Canadian and Spanish business communities into a new era of growth and success.”

Barbara Carmona, Vice President, Spain Canada Chamber of Commerce.

Virtualware’s flagship product VIROO, the world’s pioneering VR as a Service (VRaaS) platform, makes Virtual Reality accessible to companies and institutions of all sizes and sectors. It is an all-in-one digital solution that enables the development and deployment of multi-user Virtual Reality applications remotely.

VIROO is already used by more than 40 companies and institutions worldwide including GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, Ontario Power Generation, Gestamp, ADIF, the Spanish Ministry of Defense, El Retoño Technological University, McMaster University and EAN University. The enterprise VR platform has been the backbone to develop strategic projects for defense ministries, critical infrastructure training projects, and innovative educational programs.

VIROO aims to become the standard for developing industrial and educational Virtual Reality applications worldwide.

Founded in 2004, Virtualware (EPA: MLVIR)  is one of the pioneering corporations in the European Virtual Reality industry applied to the industrial, educational, and healthcare sectors. Its team of more than 50 people has developed more than 500 projects in more than 33 countries. It has its headquarters in Bilbao, Spain, and its North American office in Hamilton (Canada).

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