Autodesk Technology Centers Residency Program

Virtualware Joins Autodesk Technology Centers Residency Program

The Autodesk Technology Centers in San Francisco, Boston, Toronto, and Birmingham, UK, brings together industry, academic, and entrepreneurial communities to create a shared vision of the future of making. In these spaces, they help bring to life solutions that enable people to turn ideas into realities and shape a better future.

Virtualware has joined their Residency Program, based in the Toronto Technology Centre, aiming to contribute to that vision with their award-winning, enterprise VR solution, VIROO.  Joining this program will help Virtualware to further refine VIROO and test the implementation of VR, free-to-roam, immersive rooms for design revision and training.

This VR solution allows for full-scope field training giving companies, institutions, and universities the ability to replicate multi-user scenarios in 1:1 scale, transforming any physical location into a full immersion centre that can be used as a “virtual workshop” to revise engineering designs, as well as simulate real world applications of products for training and marketing.

The diverse community of current and former residents, customers, industry, colleges and universities, start-ups, and experts within Autodesk will help Virtualware to improve its VIROO solution through valuable user feedback from the network to inform on how to create, iterate and explore new opportunities.

“As members of the Autodesk residency program, our plan is to bring tremendous value with our innovative VR enterprise solution, VIROO. Working within this collaborative environment to understand what talented makers and implementors need the most out of virtual tools will help us build an even better solution that gives them the power to create the products and infrastructure of the future”

Michael Rosas, VP North America Virtualware

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