UTR teachers will be ready to prepare and deploy VR learning resources and activities

VIROO Academy enables UTR teachers to create VR learning resources

After the great opening of the new Virtual Reality Center (VRC) in Aguascalientes, the Universidad El Retoño (UTR), committed to innovation in its academic offering, is now participating the training process called VIROO Academy to get the most of the largest Virtual Reality educational center in Mexico.

Through VIROO Academy, Virtualware is currently providing UTR training to give the teachers the ability to manage, control and deploy the resources and learning activities in the new 500m2 virtual reality lab.

The lecturers are being trained along 3 weeks to use the platform VIROO, exploiting the full potential of the new virtual reality room, ensuring its scalability at all levels. 

After these sessions, UTR will be able to articulate and adapt to the different levels and subjects of the students, providing a complete learning experience.

Moreover, the VR Center also has the particularity that can be divided into 2 or 4 simultaneous spaces with different content each, maximizing the possibilities.

VIROO Academy is focused on providing UTR team with the skills to generate and develop educational resources by their own, through courses, room operation and virtual reality labs certifications. They will get the necessary resources and abilities to encourage the creativity and exponential thinking in students, by using the Virtual Reality large scale and multi-user room.

With the mission of making education more relevant, resilient and effective, UTR joins the new community VIROO Academy, by implementing  VIROO™ as a pedagogical and technological environment that involves teachers and students.

This initiative promotes the design and implementation of didactic strategies that are more agile, effective, attractive, and pleasant than traditional approaches, that make education get to the next level.

“It’s amazing how the teachers involved in VIROO Academy receive the training, how they positively have started to work, designing and adapting new training activities and generating didactic strategies that foster the development  of skills”

Sergio Ramirez, VP Virtualware Mexico

“The training process of our teachers is very important, as part of the project “Innovation for Education”. They will be able to use the tools that are revolutionizing teaching and learning in education, equipping students with all the skills and knowledge required in the work field.”

Emmanuel Carrillo, UTR Vice-Chancellor

About UTR

Founded in 2011, and located in the municipality of El Llano, Aguascalientes, the Technological University El Retoño is a new alternative of higher education that has around 1000 students. It offers 3 engineering degrees, 7 advanced university technician programs and Bilingual International Sustainable Program (BIS)

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