Conalep joins the wave of innovation that is changing education

Conalep joins the wave of innovation that is changing education

Virtual reality and immersive technologies are no longer just buzzwords for early adopters, they have become part of mainstream teaching. The National College of Technical Professional Education (Conalep), a socio-educational institution in Mexico focused on technical training with more than 2,000 students, joins the wave of innovation that is changing education by adding VR technology as a key element of its academic offering.

As part of its educational and pedagogical plan, the centres located in Taplan, and Venustiano Carranza II, Conalep has installed two new VR laboratories of 80m2 and 50m2 respectively.  Two new spaces, deployed in VIROO which can also be connected between them, in which teachers are already working, and designing virtual reality training activities.

One of the great challenges of the application of Virtual Reality in the classroom is the scalability to different levels, and the ability to create content and adapt it.  VIROO Academy enables teachers to easily manage, administer and display learning resources and activities in the lab, adapting to the different levels and subjects of the students

This initiative promotes the design and implementation of didactic strategies that are more agile, effective, attractive, and pleasant than traditional approaches, that make education get to the next level.

The increase of motivation, attention, and cooperation are the main advantages of VIROO, which also reinforces the exploration by fostering learning through experience, that helps the assimilation of concepts in complex processes.

With these two new Virtual Reality labs Conalep, is the third university joining VIROO Community, together with the Technological University El Retoño, and the University of Deusto.

“At this point, for education, the barrier is no longer hardware nor content. Within the Aeronautics Area, they are developing training pills in specific units of the reciprocal engines and turbojets. In the Tourism Area, the VR training experience incorporates the sanitary dispositions and conditions that must be met in preparation practices, according to the Mexican official norm.”

Sergio Ramirez, VP Virtualware Mexico

Virtual Reality is decisively taking off in education with an increasing number of universities adopting the technology and VIROO is an innovation tool that empowers them to create, deploy and improve the training of professionals of the future.

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