Nissan visits the Virtual Reality Center at El Retoño University of Technology

Nissan visits the Virtual Reality Center at El Retoño University of Technology

After the successful opening of the Virtual Reality Center, and the implementation of Virtualware´s lecturer training program – VIROO Academy, El Retoño Technological University continues its commitment to make a global impact with the local business ecosystem that surrounds it.

UTR’s location of Aguascalientes, Mexico, make it a strategic and attractive location for automotive industry companies looking to advance their use of VR technology. These factors are enabling the university to explore new opportunities to collaborate with nearby companies with similar synergies.  With this aim in mind, members of the Nissan Mexicana team recently visited the campus facilities to learn and test out the new Virtual Reality Center´s  workforce training application.

During the visit, the Nissan team members had the opportunity to interact and see for themselves from a first-person perspective what virtual reality technology powered by VIROO can do when it comes to skill acquisition. 

Applications include building skills necessary for jobs at their facilities, as well as specific processes that can improve professional performance for their existing workforce.

VIROO™ is a tool that allows universities to increase their innovation capacity by exploiting the full potential of Virtual Reality. The VR Center gives students the power to put their knowledge into practice with partner companies, and in turn generate valuable solutions for the local productive sector to keep them at the top of their industry.

“VR Center is expected to contribute to local economic growth and social development through technology transfer. With the purpose of increasing the competitiveness of Aguascalientes region, the lab is an open space not only for our students, but also for companies that may require it”

Emmanuel Carrillo, UTR Vice-Chancellor

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