Virtualware Oculus ISV Program Member

oculus isv program member

Virtualware partners with leading manufacturers to bring the best VR solution

Virtualware has been selected to be a part of Oculus Independent Software Vendors (ISV) Program. The Oculus ISV Program looks to accelerate customer adoption of VR solutions built for Oculus enterprise products, working with enterprise developers and software companies.

We have seen and experienced the evolution and growth of the XR industry practically from zero to the immersive (R)evolution that it is today. Immersive technologies, especially VR, are mature enough to be part of companies’ day to day basis.

Corporations are facing important economic and regulatory challenges where they need to design and deliver their products in a safety, faster and better manner. 

Virtual Reality can really help them overcome these demands. 

“It is fantastic to be chosen by Oculus to help accelerate the wider adoption of VR globally. Virtualware is leading the way in enterprise VR with VIROO immersive room where Oculus technology platform can play a significant role”

David Moreno, Head of Marketing & Business Development of Virtualware

With this membership, Virtualware follows up on its commitment to work with the top hardware manufacturers in order to provide the best VR solutions for companies, institutions and governments around the world.

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