Virtualware Group sponsors VRTO, one of the most important Virtual and Augmented Reality events in North America

Virtualware Group sponsors VRTO, one of the most important Virtual and Augmented Reality events in North America

On June 17th and 18th, one of the most important events on Virtual and Augmented Reality in North America will be held in Toronto: the VRTO (Virtual & Augmented Reality World Conference & Expo). An event that brings together professionals and international experts in immersive technologies for four days to present, discuss and share with attendees the trends and developments as well as the most interesting applications of the global panorama of Virtual Reality technology.

Virtualware Group, for the first time, will have an important presence at the event as a sponsor, together with companies such as Secret Location (belonging to the eOne business group) or Samsung. In addition, Sergio Ramirez, Vice President of International Business and Joss Monzón, the new Business Director of Canada & USA of Virtualware will participate in different round tables and panels where they will have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience in the application and generation of Virtual and Augmented Reality technology in fields such as entertainment and health.

On Saturday 16th, Sergio Ramirez will give the lecture “Multiuser Location-Based VR Narrative” about large VR systems and their applications not only in entertainment but also in areas such as product design or training. It will be a presentation in which the technology recently patented by Virtualware will be presented, allowing the generation of virtual reality spaces without any limitation in size or number of users.

On Sunday 17, Joss Monzón, the new Director of Business Development for Virtualware in Canada and the USA, will participate in the “State of Healthcare in AR-VR with Social Impact Outcomes” panel, presenting the company’s experience in the field of health, and the benefits derived from the application of immersive and interactive technologies in the projects developed (virtual reality, augmented reality, gamification, serious games…)

In fact, the company, over the 8 years it has been working in the health sector, has developed projects in areas such as multiple sclerosis, brain damage, hemianopsia, COPD, or different disorders of psychology, for leading entities in the health and pharmaceutical field, such as the University College of London, King’s College, Merck, Biogen, TEVA, Nutricia, Bayer, or the Spanish Society of Neurorehabilitation.

One of the latest projects being worked on is with the renowned Kessler Foundation, to implement, through virtual reality techniques, an innovative treatment of spatial neglect, one of the most common disorders among people who have suffered a stroke. This new treatment, called Virtual Reality Spatial Retraining Therapy (VR-SRT), aims to maximize the results of rehabilitation therapy, improve postural control and body space awareness through an immersive, safe, interactive, and gamma-driven training process.

Likewise, Virtualware has experience in the dissemination of results obtained thanks to these technologies, with various medical entities at an international level, including the Harvard Medical School or the University of Buffalo Medical Campus. Since 2014 it has been licensed as medical devices manufacturer.

On Monday 18th, Sergio Ramirez will participate in a very special panel on LBE (Location-Based Entertainment) moderated by Charlie Fink, one of the pioneers of Virtual Reality, author, columnist and consultant of AR and VR. In which he will discuss with companies such as Secret Location, or HP, for sharing his knowledge and experience in the development of technology and entertainment experiences based on large virtual reality systems.

Virtualware already presented at CES 2018 (Las Vegas), the world’s most important technology fair, its own patented system, which allows the generation of multi-user spaces of unlimited size and shape. Technology which, Virtualware is working on entertainment projects (through the company Nmerso) as well as industrial and health projects.

The presence of Virtualware Group in VRTO is an important commitment for the company, which is part of the strategy decided to access and strengthen its position in the US and Canadian markets. This commitment is reinforced by the arrival of Joss Monzón, business manager for the area, who will boost growth in key customers in the region, in areas such as health, industry and entertainment.

About Virtualware group

Virtualware Group is a global technology group specialized in developing innovative digital business models. With 14 years of experience in the market, closed 2017 with a turnover of 4.7 million Euros – representing a +20% growth on 2016.  The Group is formed by three companies working in the field of immersive and interactive technologies.

  • Virtualware offers high-tech-value-added bespoke solutions based on Immersive and Interactive technologies for different fields of activity (Health, Industry 4.0, Leisure & Entertainment…).
  • Nmerso, commercializes large scale immersive rooms for Leisure and entertainment with Virtualware’s patented technology.
  • Evolv, is a medical device manufacturer specialized in developing rehabilitation technology solutions.

Virtualware Group has 70 people in its offices in Bilbao, Madrid, United Kingdom, Mexico and Chile, and has its own R +D+ i Centre (Virtualware Labs).

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