Why the most innovative VR company

Why are we the most innovative VR Company in the world?

Virtualware was recently chosen as the most innovative company in the world of Virtual Reality at the latest edition of the VR Awards. And that, in the year 2021, in which immersive technologies became the main topic of conversation around the tech debate, is to say a lot.

No one doubts that the immediate future of technology is Virtual Reality. We know it well. Not just because we have been recognized as the most innovative company in the sector, but because we have been doing it for no less than 18 years. And under that premise, Virtualware has spent almost two decades laying the foundations to create the best immersive reality solutions in the market. Above all, solutions that can be employed to solve problems within the realm of the real economy, train real people for real jobs and, incidentally, improve the way we tackle the physical world.

Virtualware is Europe’s leading provider of Virtual Reality (VR) solutions for industrial sectors and has been recognized as the world’s VR innovator.  And we lead because we care about innovation. We understand innovation as a value that compels us to deploy strategies that promote creativity and constant exploration.  Because building virtual worlds is always a process of discovery.  Being able to build possible worlds is a privilege reserved for very few.  And amid the media noise around the metaverse, virtual Reality, immersive worlds, we continue to work without losing focus.

“But as innovation is part of Virtualware’s DNA, this is how it plays in our day-to-day”


We use virtual Reality to solve real problems

As one of the pioneers in Virtual Reality, Virtualware creates solutions for the real world using the latest immersive and interactive technologies.  We don’t sell products; we provide real solutions. We do it because we love it; it’s what we are most passionate about. We are witnessing the birth of a new immersive (R)evolution in the business world, and we are determined to lead it. We explore real problems in the real world to build digital solutions. For example, we analyze every angle in an industrial issue and build around it a world where training can be undertaken without safety or environmental concerns or where more profound levels of learning can happen.


We care about sustainability Sustainability is the way we choose to achieve our purpose

In our particular case, we base our goals on the Sustainable Development Goals launched by the UNGP.  Equality, diversity, improvement of education, improvement of working conditions, reduction of differences, or reduction of environmental impact are some of the commitments we have acquired and committed ourselves to advance as a society. By creating Virtual spaces, we can simulate physical contexts without affecting the environment. VR is one of the industries which will influence a greener, kinder economy, and we want to build upon that idea.


We have created the future’s new standard for creating, managing, and deploying VR content

It is called VIROO, and it is our flagship.  From Spain, Europe, we have patented an all-in-one VR solution that allows everyone to create Virtual Reality without limitations. VIROO combines digital and physical space that enables multiple users to work at full scale in the same physical area.  That is the future of B2B VR solutions. In addition, VIROO includes proprietary software that allows content creators to manage content for different levels of end-users so that companies can use it in complex training environments. In recent years, when deployed with VIROO, the fuel motion VR simulator belonging to GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy has become a safety and training standard in tough competition. And it was developed by us, with VIROO.


We share what we know

Virtualware was born 18 years ago thanks to the determination of three computer engineers who were passionate about Virtual Reality and believed there was an opportunity for it to make the world a better place.  Since the beginning, we have made great efforts to share our knowledge and experience with other companies, institutions, and governments around the world.  We believe VR developments should be made available to as many creators as possible to see the industry evolve and improve the future. We want to promote the enormous potential of Virtual Reality and accelerate its adoption.  We do not care about empty words or metaverses. Likewise, we do not care about hypes or fashions. Since before it was a thing, we have been creating VR solutions.

“We are still here, more vital than ever, willing to do all necessary to democratize VR technology through an innovative and sustainable approach.  Those are our purposes. Those are what make us the most innovative VR company in the world”

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