A new XR hub at the Technology Park empowers Bizkaia’s local innovation ecosystem in Spain

A new XR HUB at the Technology Park empowers Bizkaia’s local innovation ecosystem in Spain.

After their recent 35th anniversary, Bizkaia Science and Technology Park inaugurates their new XR innovation HUB to accelerate the digital transformation of companies of all sizes and industries looking to begin, explore and thrive in their XR journeys.

The HUB has been built from the ground up -in collaboration with the industry expert Virtualware- with top-of-the-line XR infrastructure to strengthen Bizkaia’s innovative ecosystem of users, creators, and organizations, providing complete and convenient access to immersive technologies, virtual reality (VR) in particular.

The Technology Park selected VIROO® as their HUB platform infrastructure connecting their high-end immersive room, equipment, applications, and a portal for members. Businesses entering the HUB program will be able to select plans adaptable for their unique scope, scale, and agility desired to achieve their XR vision and goals. The subscription plans will enable members to use the HUB’s amenities, administer their accounts, access their data, and create, manage and deploy their XR catalogue simply and securely.

The 100m2 immersive room, a distinctive element of the Technology Park HUB, is located in Zamudio and has been specifically built to welcome organizations of all industries interested in creating and deploying XR content for multiple users at a 1:1 scale.

“This new space gives us a new impetus as referents in innovation. We want to bring these kinds of technologies closer to local businesses and create an ecosystem around XR”

Itziar Epalza, Director of the Basque Country Technology Park Network

At this location, designing virtual experiences for learning, training, prototyping, R&D, and more will redefine how companies generate and showcase their advancements. The HUB’s immersive room blends the best of physical and virtual worlds where multiple people can walk naturally, sharpen their soft skills, and collaborate while exploring what’s possible in virtual environments.

“Enterprise-grade Extended Reality is not only available to large-cap companies thanks to benchmark centers such as the Technology Park. In our new model for HUBs, innovation centers can grow their ecosystems by making VIROO® XR amenities more accessible and affordable for SMEs who want to start innovating with virtual technologies”

Unai Extremo, CEO of Virtualware

Through VIROO®’s platform and apps for all computer-skill users, HUB members will access versatile content creator and design review tools, where they will be able to work and develop a full range of simple and complex content applications.

Virtualware will officially launch the new HUB offering for organizations looking to become hosts of XR HUBs powered by VIROO® in the framework of Be Digital, one of the most relevant digital transformation events in Spain, from October 26 to 28th at the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC).


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VIROO® is Virtualware’s award-winning platform to create, manage and deploy XR ecosystems at ease, accelerating adoption at every level. Modular and agnostic by design, VIROO® gives users, creators, and organizations a complete infrastructure and components to succeed in their XR journey.

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