VR AR Global Summit Online

VR AR Global Summit Online

The VR/AR Association celebrates a new edition VR/AR Global Summit Online (GSO) Conference + Expo, taking place June 1-3, 2020. This event will showcase the latest in scalable enterprise Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions and address the role immersive technologies play in the current world situation due to COVID-19. Virtualware, a pioneer company in VR with more than 15 years of expertise, will take the stage and participate discussions on the next breakthrough in VR.

On Tuesday, 2nd June at 11:00 UTC, David Moreno will debate about how Virtual Reality technology enables companies to bring out the best in their workers, allows to design products better and faster, engage audiences and more, featuring real use cases from General Electric Hitachi, Kessler Foundation and Biogen International.

At 21:45 UTC, MIchael Rosas, will share panel with Julie Smithson, Chelu Martin, Lorelle Fanvoseen, Andy Fidel, about VR Social in Future Education and Training Environment.

Moving in virtual worlds has always been one of the more complicated decisions to make. With any solution (whether hardware and software) comes trade-offs in the user experience. That is why particularly Sergio Barrera and David Moreno joins the special VR Breakout Session on at 19:00 UTC titled: Getting Around in VR: Advanced Techniques in Locomotion.  A particular session to look beyond the standard roomscale setups and hear from the experts who are building the future of infinite spaces in VR and discuss how to face this unique challenge, and methodologies and tech around in and around Virtual Reality.

About the VR/AR Global Summit

The Summit will feature Fortune 500’s to startups and expects to host 10,000+ attendees. The event, which will take place over 3 days and across 3 time zones, will feature over 200 speakers and exhibitors, plus a large number of networking and social events. The lineup, featuring panelists and keynote speakers, will deliver compelling insights on the current state and future of VR and AR and the impact on specific sectors such as enterprise, education, entertainment and healthcare.

The show will highlight curated content about COVID-19, the “new normal” and what is happening now in the world. It will explore the important role of immersive tech, including Remote Work, Online/Virtual Events, Re-Opening the Economy with Virtual Tech, Enterprise and Training, Music/Entertainment Online, Digital Humans and the Psychology of Avatars. Thought leaders from around the globe will gather to share their thoughts and ideas.

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