For the third consecutive year Virtualware participates at VRTO


For the third consecutive year, Virtualware participates at Canada’s premiere immersive technology event (VRTO). A unique, international exhibition of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, professional conference and solutions-focused symposium exploring arts, culture, society, humanities, ethics and sciences through immersive technologies.

Starting on June 6th this particular VRTO edition will continue through to July 6th, adding networking, discovery, social events, training, workshops and other featured engagements.

Since 2018, Virtualware has been contributing to VRTO’s success, becoming one of the world’s leading events in immersive technologies.

Participating in VRTO is an important commitment for the company, it is part of the strategy to strengthen its position in the Canadian and US markets. This commitment is reinforced by the arrival of Michael Rosas, VP North America, who will boost growth with key customers in the region, in areas such as health, industry, education and entertainment.

“VRTO is still the industry´s werdiest most relevant conference”

On Thursday, 11nd June at 16:30 UTC, Michael Rosas participates at Enterprise Day, speaking about how Virtual Reality brings out the best in their workers by training them with this technology, how it allows to design any type and size of products better and faster, how it help to engage audiences better than any other medium, featuring real use cases from General Electric Hitachi, Kessler Foundation and Biogen International.

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