Enhancing VR CAVEs: Multiuser VR & Rapid Content Sharing

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About this webinar

VR caves have set the standard for rear projection-based virtual reality systems.  Now, the new VIROO® integration allows to deploy immersive multiuser content in Cave Automatic Virtual Environments.  It manages hardware, sessions, and content, incorporating specific DTrack and MultiDisplay.

Dive deep into this potent combination, unveiling how VIROO® elevates the immersive experience and expands possibilities within VR CAVEs, joining industry leaders like Carolina Cruz-Neira, IWE, ART, and VRLogic, to gain valuable insights.


Each of our esteemed speakers will have 10 minutes to share their valuable insights.

Key Takeaways

– Understanding VR Cave Technology
– Real-world applications & Use cases
– Technical Innovations
– Future Trends
– Q&A Session


When: Thu, Nov 23, 2023 · 3:00 PM CEST / 9:00 AM EDT
Duration: 90 minutes
Language: English
Who can attend? Everyone interested in immersive technologies and VR Caves 

Featured Presenters

Sergio Barrera
CTO & Co-founder, Virtualware

Computer engineer with almost two decades of experience in real-time computer graphics with the ability to transform early-stage technology into corporate deployable products. Creator of VIROO, a VR-as-a-service (VRAAS) platform that makes VR accessible to companies of all sizes and industries. A digital all-in-one solution that allows the development and deployment of multi-user Virtual Reality applications remotely.

Ed Dawson
Senior Manager, Automobility and Innovation, Invest WindsorEssex

Ed leads the Simulation Team at Invest WindsorEssex, a regional economic development agency in Windsor-Essex, Ontario, Canada. In 2019, he was tasked with creating Canada’s largest publicly accessible VR CAVE for testing Connected and Autonomous vehicle technologies, supported by the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN) program. Windsor-Essex is one of 8 Regional Technology Development Sites in Ontario.

Carolina Cruz-Neira
Agere Chair in Computer Science, University of Central Florida

Dr. Carolina Cruz-Neira, a member of the National Academy of Engineering, is a pioneer in the areas of virtual reality and interactive visualization, having created and deployed a variety of technologies that have become standard tools in industry, government, and academia.  She is known worldwide for being the creator of the CAVE virtual reality system, with 100+ publications, $100 million in grants, and numerous awards. She’s an influential figure in VR, holding esteemed positions in IEEE and ACM, and currently serves as the Agere Chair in Computer Science at the University of Central Florida.

Andreas Werner
Business Development Mgr., ART GmbH 

Business Development Manager at Advanced Realtime Tracking, the market leader for tracking systems in industrial VR applications. With a degree in Aerospace Engineering and 30 years working in Virtual Reality with a wide range of industrial users, he has gained experience in understanding technical requirements and finding optimal solutions for them. He has been working for ART for 20 years, advising end customers from conception to installation and optimization of installed systems.

Andreas Schoebel
Co-founder & Managing Director, VRLogic GmbH

VR Logic specialized in consulting, sales and support of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and 3D solutions since 2002. With extensive expertise in interactive 3D computer graphics, Andreas enables resellers and system integrators to explore new markets and expand the reach of immersive technologies. Andreas is committed to improving processes, enhancing products, and revolutionizing training and education with innovative AR/VR/3D solutions. As a champion of the transformative potential of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 3D applications, he elevates experiences and drives innovation towards a boundless future of XR.

Christian Schoebel
Co-founder & Managing Director, VRLogic GmbH

A driving force in the field of immersive technology. With a focus on project management, planning and installation of large-scale immersive solutions using LED or projection technology, Christian brings a wealth of expertise to the business. His adept handling of complex projects has positioned VRLOGIC as a premier company in the industry. In addition, Christian plays a pivotal role in business development, leading the company to new horizons. With a commitment to delivering cutting-edge immersive experiences, Christian plays a pivotal role in VRLOGIC’s success, ensuring the seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies for clients across a range of industries.

Kris Wullaert

Kris Wullaert
Product & Pre-sales Manager IX, Barco

With an engineering background, Kris has been an employee at Barco since 2000. Throughout Kris’s tenure, they have primarily been active in pre-sales and product management, focusing specifically on Virtual Reality (VR) and Simulation Display Solutions. Kris’s extensive experience reflects a commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the field, leveraging their technical expertise to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of immersive display solutions at Barco.

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