Virtual Reality Day

The 4th Annual Global Virtual Reality Day

The Annual Global Virtual Reality Day on 21st November, brings the energy and interests of the greater XR community together, and focuses that energy on the benefit of everyone in one special day.

Due to COVID, this year the events scheduled around the world has not been celebrated in-person as it used to be for the last three years. However, AltSpace VR hosted and celebrating the Annual Virtual Reality Day.

In Virtualware, this is the day to particularly express our gratitude to our entire team, clients, partners, followers who has overcome the challenges of this difficult year.

We also feel part of the Virtual Reality Day phenomenon in every effort we made to spread the potential of this technology during the last 16 years. Our passion for innovation has pushed the boundaries of VR helping hundreds of corporations, universities, and government institutions to adopt this technology in their day to day basis. VR is now has been our message even before covid-19.

Almost 1000 square meters in different locations around the world (México, USA, Spain), 40 backpacks and HMDs distributed in 8 VR rooms deployed in our VIROO, is something to be proud of. Everybody is beginning to know about the power of VR to change the world.

GE-Hitachi NuclearUniversidad Tecnológica El Retoño and CONALEP are leading the way and moving society forward.

Find out how by clicking on them.

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